Jay Stapley: guitarist, music-writer, producer, performer…

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  1. sarah

    hey jay, it’s sarah from v2, here is my youtube link in case you wanna check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIRQvbhdR58



    1. J_Stapley

      Thanks Sarah, mind if I put this in my links section?

  2. Craig McCourt

    Hi Jay, was wondering if you were interested in doing an interview with me, through e-mail. I am a moderator for a Mike Oldfield fan group, and I have done over 30 interviews with musicians that have worked with Mike over the years. I would also ask questions about your career, not just about working with Mike on the Tubular Bells 2 concert. If your interested please reply to my e-mail. Thanks Jay for your time. Appreciate it. 🙂

    1. J_Stapley


      i’d be happy to. Have emailed you directly.

      1. Craig McCourt

        Hi Jay, I sent the questions to you on July 14th. Sorry I didn’t send a reply sooner, been busy. Hope you received the questions okay. 🙂 Cheers!!!!

  3. Trevor Swann

    Look forward to seeing you and your Band along with Kate @ Rox on the Prom 2012.

    With Thanks

    Trevor (Bognorian)

    1. J_Stapley

      Come and say Hi, Trevor!

  4. Volker Engelbert

    Hi Jay,
    just watched some DVDs from Westernhagen (1995 Affentour and 2005 tour) and love your guitar playing so much !! Realy great shows…wasn’t there unfortunately.
    Marius Westernhagen is touring again this year but it seems you are not in his band ?!
    So sorry …..would have loved to see you play!
    Best regards,

  5. Henrik Vorbröker

    Dear Jay Stapley,

    I´m a student from germany – bavaria. since I remember I see you on tape or on youtube playing solos like eric clapton or mark knopfler. Me and my father watch these videos for ten years – especially your concerts with marius müller westernhagen and I think there isn`t a better way to feel musik and live-concert-atmosphere in the word than in YOUR shows- Now i have the chance to produce a “Late night Show” on student-TV and internet, maybe regular television in the future, and it woud be a dream to me to have you here as my first guest. will you come to germany soon?

    best wishes to you
    Henrik Vorbröker

    1. J_Stapley

      Henrik, Danke! Ich hab’ keine Reise nach Deutschland geplannt, leider! Aber Ich wuerde gern ein Live show/interview uber Skype oder sowas aufnehmen fuer dein show. Schreib’ mir ein Email: jay@jaystapley.co.uk.

  6. Henrik Vorbröker

    Danke Jay, ich werde mich bei dir melden!

  7. Paul Saunders

    I watched your speech presentation on the Darker Music Talks and I see such that we have in common

    Perhaps we could talk directly and I would like to call you and chat

    1. Jay Stapley

      Hi Paul,
      I’d be delighted to chat: your email was rejected by mine: could you mail me on jay@jaystapley.co.uk please?

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